Saturday, December 1, 2012

Finally...more progress

I put some stain on my wood floor base, but...well, some problems. This picture is with the stain still wet. The wood doesn't take the stain particularly well, but that can be worked around. What is nice is that it went heavier into the grooves, which means if I'm lucky, I won't have to do much to emphasize the grooves. The bigger problem is apparently I set one of the cans of stain on it, and cracked it. :p Still works fine for testing the stain, but I'll need to make another. I'll probably make a few and test different finishes.

And, on the other base. I decided I didn't want to deal with cutting her off her base, so I just put some liquid green stuff across the side with the pit to smooth it out.Liquid green stuff is a Citadel product. It's really more pasty than liquid, but either way, it works well for smoothing out rough spots.

Did some shading on the djinn's pants. Came out pretty much as expected. I'll see how it looks tomorrow; I may want to darken it a bit more. It's more apparent in person than in the picture, but it still may need to be darker.

And, finished the ghost. There are still a couple rough spots on the inside of the cloak - little bits of solid paint got in there. They aren't visible in person, though, so I didn't see them to smooth them out. I'll take another look tomorrow and see if I need to smooth them.

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