Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hawk, and some bases

Here's today's familiar. I've moved out of rodents and in to their predators. Forgot to put something in for scale again, though. Maybe I'll do a group shot once the lot are done and put a human in there.

Stained some of my potential bases. The two on the left were done with walnut gel stain. The pale one is plain. The reddish one is cherry stain, and the one on the right is Special Walnut liquid stain. I'm not sure what makes 'special walnut' different from regular walnut. They look the same to me. I like the walnut, so I think I'll probably use one of those. Once they've had more time to dry, I'll be able to determine if I need to do more to bring out the grooves or not. Also, I'll start thinking about what sealant to put on them. Regular mini fixer, or should I hit them with polyurethane?

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