Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sometimes, things just don't work out.

I did some shading on the ranger's tunic today, and then started putting camo splotches on her cloak.

I started blending them in, and realized the look just wasn't doing it for me on this mini.Maybe a different color would have been better, maybe smaller patches. In any case, I wasn't liking where it was going, so I went right back over it with the green. Still,  I think she'll need some sort of detail to add interest. Maybe some freehand on the cloak or something. First, I'll get the cloak shaded and highlighted.

Also put in a bit of work on Mr. Moo Cow today. Just filling in the white spots on his coat. I used RMS Linen White, which is just slightly off white. That'll let me use real white to highlight and brighten it up. Similarly, his black spots are RMS Faded Black, which is a soft, charcoal-like black. I can use real black to shade it very subtly.

In the middle of all that, I got called in to work on another creative project:

 Last, a couple new minis hit the table today. These are the others in the set with the bar matron. I put together their wood floor bases and did a little clean up on them today.

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