Gallery - 2018

Here's everything I finished in 2018.

Reaper Bones Telephone Box, 80037

Hasslefree Nubian Female with Spear, HFH025

Dark Sword Thief of Hearts #5, DSM7517

Scale75 Blackjack, SPS-001

Reaper Bones Wearbear, 77446

Reaper Bones Werecrocodile, 77447

Arena Rex Marcus Furius

Reaper Rasia, Bladedancer, 2970

Reaper Kneeling Assassin, 2519

Scale75 Mary Read, SNG-001

Freebooter Bonaccia, ASS003

Reaper Lanaerel Grayleaf, 07006

Reaper Bones, Various

Reaper Bones Bandit Leader, 77507

Reaper Bones Khael Stonekindle, Dwarf Wizard, 77075

Reaper Familiar Pack IV (Pug), 2756

Reaper Bones Townsfolk: Wench, 77085

Arena Rex Urbicus

Reaper Bones Cassie, Gnome Wizard, 77031

Hasslefree Lenore, HFH087

Andrea Miniatures Crusader, XI Century, SM-F50

Reaper Bones, Probably from Bones 3

Arena Rex Thoth

Reaper Bones Orc Berserker, 77059

Arena Rex Medusa

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