Gallery - 2020

Here's everything I finished in 2020.

Arena Rex Frigge

Reaper Bones Corim the Kestrel, Gnome Wizard, 77415

Ouroboros Miniatures, Adriana

Games Workshop, Druanti, The Arch-Revnant

Arena Rex Vargr

Reaper Callie, Female Rogue With Bow, 3255

Reaper Baby Dragon, 2854

Display Base - Scratch Built

Arena Rex Ywain 

Reaper Bones Goremaw, 77579

Reaper Bones Female Living Statue, Bunes IV Kickstarter

Reaper Bones Male Living Statue, Bones IV Kickstarter

ReaperCon 2013 Madame Gorgonzola

Knight Models Amazon with Bow

Reaper Fire Elemental, 2251

Knight Models Amazon with Spear

Knight Models Hippolyta

Reaper Sir Richard the White, 2024

Kimera Dumah Bust

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