Gallery - 2019

This is everything I painted in 2019.

Reaper Father Dagon, 77590

Knight Models Amazon

Reaper Townsfolk III, 2655

Dark Sword Male Dragonkin Mage With Staff, DSM7492

Dungeons and Doggies Cocker Spaniel Bard
Dungeons & Doggies Beagle Barbarian

Dark Sword Dragonkin Mage with Staff, DSM7364

Reaper Dungeon Dwellers Brother Lazarus, Plague Doctor, 07024

Reaper Dungeon Dwellers Sister Hazel, Plague Doctor, 07017

Dungeons & Doggies Pomeranian

Reaper Bones Black Anthanelle, Elf Wizard, 44008

ReaperCon 2019 Sophie

Dungeons & Doggies Golden Retriever

Arena Rex Zahra

Reaper Townsfolk: Noblewoman, 3955

Dungeons & Doggies Chihuahua

Reaper Jana Frostwind,, 07025

Reaper Bones Jaque, Bonesylvanian, 77608. Experiment with GW Contrast paints over zenithal priming.

Reaper Bones Hajad, Pirate, 77134. Experiment with GW Contrast Paint.

Hasslefree Kalee, HF4009B-A3

Hasslefree Semira Marise, HFX023

Hasslefree Jynx, HFA160

Arena Rex Noxious

Black Sun Miniatures Abdel Rashid

Bombshell Minis Relic #4

Arena Rex Infelix


  1. Nice Work. On Hasslefree Kalee, HF4009B-A3, how did you do the armor? It has a great look to it.

    1. Hi there! For Kaylee's armor, I did an undercoat of RMS Muddy Olive, then a base coat of P3 Brass Balls. I shaded it with RMS Rotting Wood and then RMS Violet Shadow, and highlighted with Dragon Bronze. Hope that helps!

    2. Wow - thanks. A lot went into that armor, and it shows! Thanks again.