Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Hippolyta: Shading, Center Piece

I did enough shading on Hippolyta's legs and the inside of her cloak to be able to glue the center piece in today.

Next will be doing a bit of putty work on the join - there are gaps to be filled.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Hippolyta: More Base Coat. Goremaw: Maw

More base coating on Hippolyta. Not shown is the skirt piece. Next for her will be shading the inside of the cloak and her legs and boots.I'm going by the movie coloring for her since that's what the sculpt is clearly based on, and it's...very monochrome, all browns and golds. Have to see how that goes, it's not something I do typically.

I also spent some time on Goremaw, specifically his...well, maw.

I cleaned up the inside of the mouth so that everything was the color I wanted. Then I added shading and highlighting, painted the 'teeth' black, and then gave the whole thing a couple coats of gloss sealer so it looks wet and slobbery. When everything is done, if I remember I'm going to try a trick I've seen using glue to add strings of slobber. I'm afraid it'd be too fragile if I put that in now.

I'm debating going back to the airbrush with him. I'm finding lots of spots where the coverage is not as good as I'd hoped, I think it might help with cleaning up the orange, and I'm also thinking of using a darker purple in the shadows between plate ridges.

Sunday, January 19, 2020


Finished up the knight today.

I also worked some more on Hippolyta. Most of what I did was pinning preparation for her arm and skirt thingy, but I also got a base coat in on her cloak.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Knight: Everything but the base. Hippolyta.

Finished the paint on the knight today, and then I started building up his base. I glued some scatter and rocks to the base...and then set it aside for the glue to cure. Tomorrow I'll paint it and put some tufts and flowers on there. He's not my best work ever, but I like him.

I also started on my next small scale project. This is Hippolyta, the Amazon. I'm going to have to paint her in a weird order because of the pieces that will need to get glued on. There's an arm and a piece of her skirt(?) in the front that need to be attached, but there are areas behind those pieces that need to be painted first because after they are glued in place there will be no getting to what's behind them.

So, I think the way I'm going to have to do this is to paint her legs and the inside of her cloak, then glue the front piece on, then paint the outside of the cloak and her whole midsection, then put her arm on, then finish it. It will be a challenge to work in such a weird order.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Knight: Tabard

I'd been thinking I could completely finish the knight's tabard today, but...that was before I decided it needed freehand.

It's not too bad, I only have a little cleanup to do, most on the frilly bits of the sleeves.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Knight: Metal, Tabard

So, I finished the metals on the knight today, apart from whatever cleanup I have to do after working on the rest of him.

The green is going to need a couple more coats to get to a good base coat - it's very transparent. As for the metals, I like the shininess of them, and I like the colors of the gold particularly. The thinness of the paint does make them a little tricky to work with, though.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Knight: Shading Metal. Goremaw: Airbrush. Storage!

I did get a little actual painting in this weekend, but I spent most of my time organizing and rearranging my hobby supplies. Why? Well, my husband made me a brand new storage unit, custom to my specifications. So, I was moving stuff out of an assortment of plastic bins and into my new storage!

It's not completely done in that we are going to paint it and put hardwood veneer fronts on the drawers, but it's functional this way so I'm using it now, and we'll do the stuff to make it pretty later. Those are index cards on the front to label what's on each drawer. The thing on the wall to the left is a rack of small containers with bases. We're also going to add a second unit to the left, once I've worked with this one for a while and decide what kind of storage I need...bigger drawers, smaller drawers, or something else entirely.

As for the painting I did do, here's some shading on the metallics on the knight.

They need a little smoothing and I need to bring some of the metal back in a few places, but so far, so good.

I finally got around to testing my airbrush after taking it apart and giving it a thorough cleaning. Good news: it's working again! Bad news: I'm still bad at airbrushing.

I am pretty happy with how I did on the teal and purple. I got the purple shading where I wanted it. The teal blended well. I made some mistakes, mostly around forgetting about where the over-spray was going to go. Things went down hill with the orange, partly just due to my lack of skill, but also because I was working with an acrylic ink for the first time. I realized pretty quickly that I was not getting the look I wanted, so I stopped.