Thursday, March 30, 2023

Ronso: Braids, Horns

 I base coated the braids and horns on Ronso. Braids first; the color choice was easy there. I had to think about the horns a bit. At first I was thinking about going with something more realistic, and then I remembered I was painting a psychic space cat, and realism isn't really a thing here.

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Mermaid, Bust

 New projects! I started off another mermaid today. I wasn't feeling up to working on Ronso and wanted something simple, so...base coat!

I've also prepped a bust for painting, though I'm going to try to finish off Ronso before starting her.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Ronso: Mane & Body Highlights, Face, Armor

 I finished highlights on Ronso's mane, and then decided the body highlights needed to go higher and did that. Then I finished his eyes and mouth, and put a base coat on his armor and jewelry. I feel like he's coming together.

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Sphiranx: Now Calling It 'Ronso'.

I started highlights on the Sphiranx's mane. I've also decided to start calling it Ronso, in honor of an internet cat. That's one round of highlights on the mane; I need to do another. I also painted the straps on his armor bits and painted his nose black. After I've finished the fur, I'm probably going to do the armor, because having it unpainted is bugging be more than his horns/braids.

I spent the night before last trying out some ProAcryl paints I just bought. Here's the test figure:

That's probably as far as I'm going to take the figure. I learned what I wanted to about the paint. It was perfectly serviceable paint. Flows nice, pretty highly pigmented in that I had to add a LOT of water to do any kind of glazing. That may have been exacerbated by how the bottles work - they're very stiff, so I had to work hard to get paint to come out, and so ended up getting more paint out that I usually would. The major downside is that a couple of the paints, particularly a light green, dried kinda glossy when the rest of them are pretty matte. The different sheen when they dry is a problem for me. Other than that, I found them to be just fine. I didn't love them immediately, but I wouldn't recommend against them, either. They're worth a try.

Lastly, here's the statues from a few weeks ago, with a bunch of verdigris applied. Apparently, with that stuff, moderation is not your friend. Some special effects you don't want to overdo. This one, apparently you are best off if you just go ahead and slap it everywhere. I came back with a clean, dry, stiff brush to rub it off places where I wanted the metal to show through but I'd put too much on.

Monday, March 13, 2023

Sphiranx: Mane

I got some shading in on the mane today. Also a bit of fur texture on his feet, but it wasn't doing it for me so I stopped that pretty quickly.

I also made some progress on the angel statues, but forgot to get pictures of them again. Next time.

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Sphiranx: Body

I got back to the sphiranx today. I did the line highlights on the main body. So far, so good. I think next I'll go back and do the texture on the feet.