Monday, December 24, 2012

Love me some purple shadows!

Did shading and highlighting on the ranger's cloak, and a base coat (preparing for NMM) on her swords.

The highlights aren't quite as smooth as I'd like. A couple are OK, and a couple others are pretty harsh. Might go back and see if I can smooth out the rougher ones.

Now, on the shadows. The shadow color here is the base coat color, plus RMS Nightshade Purple, at about a 50/50 mix. The color produced looks pretty close to black, but it isn't. You can see the purple tint in there. I like using purple for shading greens, reds, and sometimes blues. A dark purple will read nice and dark, it tends to be a cooler color so it will tend to recede visually (depending on what the base color is, anyway - it's not always cooler then blues, but it generally will be with reds and greens), but since it's not actually black, it has a little more going on than plain black shadows. 

I may come back and hit the shadows with straight-up Nightshade Purple.  Live, they look dark enough. In the pictures, not so much.

One of the problems I'm having with this mini is that every time I work on that dark green, the wet paint looks much, much darker than it will when dry. So, I have to give it plenty of time to dry before deciding if it looks right. Makes for slow going, and also makes it harder to get the blends to look right.

Also did some touch up with on Mr. Moo-Cow's white spots, just cleaning up the edges a bit. No new pictures because it looks the same.

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