Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wood Floor Base

Didn't paint today, but did a bit of work on a wood floor base for the bar matron. I'm using a square base and putting a piece of grooved wood on it for the floor. Here's the material I'm using:

The whole plank is maybe a couple feet long, giving me plenty of it to work with. You can see it's already got grooves cut along the length of the wood. They're a little too regular for a rough wood floor, so I guess she works at a higher class joint.

So, I cut a piece out and used a low angle block plane and sandpaper to trim and sand it down to size. Then I used a knife to cut cross hatches semi-randomly to make ends of the planks.

Yes, it's trimmed a little too aggressively on the right side there, but when you're not looking at it in a close-up picture it doesn't really show. Next, I'm going to hit it with some wood stain. I'll also want to get a darker color in to the grooves to make them stand out. I haven't quite decided how to do that yet. I may stain it brown, then hit it with a sealer, then use a black wash or liner or something to pick out the grooves.

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