Saturday, November 24, 2012

Starbuck done, some freehand work, and new metal on the table.

And here she is. I may go back and put some color variations on the base. It's a flight deck base by Secret Weapon Miniatures. So, as a flight deck, it's supposed to be smooth, but it looks a little too...shiny.

I also did some work on freehand for the djinn today. No paint on the mini, but some planning and practice. 

Here's a shot of some in-progress drawing of different patterns I was considering:

I pulled some ideas for patterns off the internet, then practiced drawing them with a pen until I had a pattern I liked and could do it reasonably consistently.

Then I tried replicating it with slightly thinned down paint and a liner brush.That's the black one.

Now, I'm having trouble deciding what color to use for the pattern on his pants. So, I put down a splotch of that blue and painted the pattern on it in various colors I'm considering using.

Black, brown, a darker blue, a couple reds, yellow, and gold. I plan to put this pattern all over the pants, so I want it to be apparent, but subtle enough so that it doesn't make the pants super busy. I'm not excited about any of those colors....enh, maybe the gold. I will probably try again with a set of colors somewhat lighter than the base blue and see how that goes.

And last, two new pieces. A barmaid from Reaper 2583: Townsfolk I, and Reaper 14371: Saori, Shadow Sister. First order of business on them will be deciding what to do with the bases, but that's a task for tomorrow.

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