Monday, November 19, 2012

Today's work, and a word on picture quality

Mostly finished the drow today. That's finishing up the gold bits, the gems, her sword blade, and a couple other little details. Tomorrow I will finish up the base, and she'll be done.

Didn't work on any of the others. Once I get to 'mostly done' on a figure, I end up focusing on that one until it's finished.

The pictures are bad tonight. I've been taking the in-progress shots by holding the figures close up under the light source for my work space and aiming the camera with my other hand. That's why her hair is so blown out, among other things. I do have a dedicated, much better photo area that I use for pictures of finished figures. It's just more work to haul everything up there than I want to do on a daily basis. I may start doing that anyway, if the picture quality from my work space is consistently poor. 

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