Saturday, March 30, 2013

More ReaperCon Prep

Did the shading and highlights on the skin of the assassin.I'm going to take another look at it tomorrow and make sure I'm still happy with it. If so, then I'll finish the eyes and eyebrows and base coat some of his clothing. The eyes are currently filled in with dark brown. To finish the eyes, I'll fill in most, but not all, of the brown area with a color that's not quite white. Usually I end up using a very light beige or cream color, whatever I already have out. It doesn't matter what color, exactly. However, using pure white tends to make the eyes look too bright and encourage the 'bug eyed' look. Using off white mitigates that some.

I'm thinking I'll do his clothing in dark blues and purples, or dark blues and grays, or purples and grays. Not sure which. But, he's an assassin, so he needs dark colors, and black is tricky to get right. Dark blue or dark purple can read like black, but is usually more visually interesting and a little easier to deal with.

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