Sunday, March 17, 2013

Skin, hair, and airbrush

Yesterday, I fired up the airbrush for the first time and started a base coat on a tank. I couldn't get pictures yesterday because it needed to dry. I've base coated the other side of the tank today. Next time will be a bit of touch-up, and then on to the camo. My plan is to airbrush on some camo pattern, then brush paint some of the details of the tank, then put on some weathering on.

I worked on the monk some today. His left eye took three tries, and it's still not exactly 'good'. I might try it again. I also tried a dark brown glaze on his head for stubble from shaving it. It doesn't show up real well in the pictures, sadly. I'm not sure if I like the way it came out or if it's too blotchy. I may also need to smooth out his skin a bit more.

And, the satyr. I worked on her mouth and hair.The hair's pretty subtle in the pictures; I put some darker shading between the strands and lighter bits on the raised parts of the strands. It should be more apparent when  I get brighter highlights on there.

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