Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Projects

Started new projects today. First, a couple scorpions. These should go fast.

It's just a brown basecoat so far. This is what I'll be aiming for, more or less (thank you, Google). Hmm. My base color maybe should have been a little warmer...but once I start putting the reddish colors on, it might be OK. We'll see.

And, a start on a couple others. The monk I've posted before. The satyr is a conversion I did with help while I was down at Reaper. They have different skin tones. The monk is going to be trouble, I can tell. Found another mold line on his head that I had to take care of. I still cling to the hope that the diorama he's going in might be good enough for competition, but I have my doubts. The satyr has some rough spots from the conversion,  but they only show if you're looking from odd angles, so I'm going to ignore it and continue.

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