Monday, March 18, 2013

Fur and robes

Did a base coat on the monk's robes. I'm probably going to use blue-gray as the accent color, and put some blue into the shadows of that rust color. it'll help tie everything together, provide some additional visual interest, and since he's going to be going into a night scene, it seems appropriate. I may go back with a very light glaze and put some blue into the shadows on his flesh, too.

And, I did some work on the satyr's fur.I like the base color, but I'm not so pleased with the highlighting. I used one of the darker yellows from her hair as the highlight color, but it made it too light. So, I came back with a glaze of the base color, which did the job of getting everything in the right tone again, but it doesn't look contrast-y enough. I think I may hit it with a dark brown wash to bring down the shadows. I'll have to re-highlight, but that's OK.

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