Saturday, March 16, 2013

Well, that didn't work.

I wanted the scorpions to have a sandy sort of base. The bases they're attached to are flat and plain, no texture at all. I thought they should be on some kind of, you know, ground. So I tried using the Sandy Paste product I have, mixing it with a dark sand color, and placing it around one of the scorpion's feet very carefull, so as not to get any on the guy himself.

Yeah. Not so much.

I ended up with sandy paste everywhere, and then in trying to get it off, scraped some of the paint off the scorpion. So, off to the Simple Green with him! I will try to strip everything off and start over from scratch. The other scorpion of the pair is untouched, but I'll wait until this guy is ready to do anything with it so I can work on them both at once.

Had a second mishap. I was getting out some shadow color for the satyr (I will call her Grace from here on out), and the nozzle popped off the dropper bottle. Paint exploded everywhere - including a couple big blobs on her. This picture is after I did some repair work to get the blob off. I went back with a clean brush, first just wiping off the blobs, then getting some water on the brush and trying to wash/scrub the rest off with the wet brush. Then I had to re-do her face, shoulder, and chest.

With that mess fixed, I continued on with her. I've finished the shading and highlighting on her skin, though I may fuss with it more. I'm not sure I'm entirely happy with the placement of the highlights. I still need to finish the details of her mouth. The hair's been base coated. The parts closer to her head are actually a darker color than the ends of her hair. Someone who spends as much time outside as she clearly does gets sun-bleached hair, so since hers is so long, the ends would have been bleached out. It's an experiment. We'll see how it goes. I haven't yet decided whether to do her leg fur in the same color as her hear, or if I want to make it a darker brown.

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