Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Only about an hour in.

Only painted for about an hour tonight, and spent most of it on Grace. She's close enough to finished that I'll probably be focusing on her until she's done. I put a brown wash on her fur and then re-highlighted. I may need to bring them up a bit more. Also put a base coat on her clothing, which as you see, will be blue. Probably with purple-y shadows. And lastly, base coated her horns and hooves.

Normally, in a mini with a piece that covers a big chunk of the rest of the mini, like her guitar does here, I would leave the front bit off so it's easier to paint under it. However, in this case the point was to do the conversion (thank you, Gene), I kinda had to put the guitar in place at the time. It is a little tricky to reach under there. Probably trying to get the back of the guitar will be the most difficult.

I need to do some research to get ideas on how to paint up the guitar. I'm probably also going to start prepping her base tomorrow.

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