Friday, March 29, 2013


Because having six or 8 projects going at once is terribly productive.

Put camo stripes on the tank with the airbrush today. I was going to do them by hand, then I thought, well, the point here is to practice with the airbrush, and if the tank comes out good, it's a bonus. Putting thin stripes on is a practice in control of the airbrush, so here we go.

I kind of like the soft edges of the stripes. I'm less thrilled with the spray that shows up well away from the stripes:

I tried touching up with a brush, and that helps some. I also tried using a brush to paint over the fuzzy edges and make them sharp. It worked, but I decided I liked the fuzzy edges better. So, I'm going to move on to details now.

Put a base cost on what would be the flush of this one if she wasn't a ghost. It's another piece I'll take to ReaperCon, so I'm not going to do more with it until then.

Last, I put some highlighting on the monk's robes and started on the robe details. Based on the expected lighting for the scene he'll be in, there wasn't a whole lot of highlighting to do.Again, the red highlights are showing up great in the pictures. I wonder if it's the light I'm using.


  1. I love the camo lines on the tank. They look very organic, and the splatter outside the lines even improves the look.

    1. Thanks! One of the other bonuses of doing it with the airbrush is that it's tons faster. I've got maybe half an hour in, total, on the tank, including the failed efforts and re-base coating afterwards.