Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Starting Con Prep

I worked a little on the monk today. I mixed some of the blue I'm using for shadows into his skin shadow color and glazed his shadows some, and also moved some of the shading around to account for the placement of the light source. His skin tone has a lot of yellow in it, so adding blue turned it kind of greenish. I think it's still okay...he doesn't seem to look sickly, and it seems to have had more or less the effect I intended. It's still an experiment, and I probably won't know how successful it is until I get the whole piece put together.

In three weeks, I'm going to ReaperCon at Reaper Mini HQ. I want to have some stuff to work on while I'm down there, because I'll be taking some classes and, more importantly, sitting with the artists who are there. I will have the opportunity to get feedback and advice from people who do this for a living. So, I want to have some pieces in progress so I can get some real-time advice while I'm working on stuff. To that end, I'm starting to prep a handful of pieces to take with me. These two, I will probably finish the skin and base coat some of the other parts.

This guy, I will probably finish the skin on because there's not a lot of it. May as well be working on something substantial while I'm there.

The djinn, I will probably finish the skin on just to have him farther along when I take him to the con. I think I'll take 4 pieces, and I want them in different states of doneness.

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