Sunday, March 24, 2013


Mostly finished the scorpions. Was going to call them done, but now that I think about it, I'm going to put some stippling on the base with a darker and a lighter paint to give it some kind of texture instead of just being so flat. I hit them with some gloss varnish to make the carapaces shiny. They're a bit glossier than I'd like now, but once it get warm enough and I can put some matte spray varnish on them that should knock it back down.You can see the picture I was working from back in this post here.

And, I finished re-base coating the tank today. I practiced a bit with making narrow lines, as well. The results are there on the flap of the cardboard box, with the tank there for scale. I was able to get lines narrow as I'd like, but because it's an airbrush, the edges are fuzzy. I could get sharp boundaries by masking areas off with tape. I think I'm probably going to paint on the camo instead.

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