Saturday, March 23, 2013

Well, that didn't work.

Got my work station downstairs all set up the way I wanted it. This has my airbrush and my Dremel, set up with a foot pedal and an extender. This is the work area set up for the airbrush.

And this is a side view, showing the lighting, the Dremel hanging on the wall, and then the compressor for the airbrush and the foot pedal for the Dremel on the floor. My husband put in the hooks and things so that stuff can be hung up, and also hung the power strip along the wall.

So, after getting everything set up, I tried putting some camo on the tank with my airbrush. This did not work out so well.I couldn't get the paint to go in in as narrow or sharp a line as I wanted, and it just kind of made a mess. I'd dropped the airbrush before I started, and I don't think the needle that controls the flow of paint was set correctly. So, I was just getting a full paint flow all the time.

I'm going to re-base coat it and try again - preferably without dropping the airbrush this time. At least something good came of it; the brown I'd picked out is more red that I want. Sine I'm re-doing it anyway, I have the opportunity to pick a different brown.

And, I did some work on one of the scorpions tonight. It's just a start. I need to do the same with the other one, then smooth the transitions between the colors.

And, a quick shot of my photo set up, just because somebody on another board asked for one. It's pretty simple. A pair of Kodak gray cards and a couple of goose neck lamps with 60 watt bulbs. Having two lamps helps reduce shadows in the photographs.

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