Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hair (and some other stuff)

I worked on the assassin today, but not a ton. I cleaned up the damage that was done, fixing chips and cracks, and re-primering the sword. Also put shadows and highlights on his hair, and shaded the armor. Since the armor is so dark, I shaded it with black, but it barely shows. That's OK.

He was really pretty beat up. He's probably going to be too fragile to do anything with but leave on the shelf after he's done.

I didn't spend a ton of time on the hair, because it's not really a focal point. Tomorrow I'll highlight the armor, and maybe bring up the highlights on the purple parts (tunic?). Hopefully I'll get a base coat on his sword too.  I think I'm going to go with true metallics on this one.

Speaking of hair, here's the practice mini from the hair class I took.

The green was the color I started with. Sue, the instructor, said 'pick any dark color'. The browns and such had already been grabbed by the time I picked. So I went with green. I think it worked fine - the class was about technique, not so much color selections. On the reddish side, I used a glaze to change the color. But this mini demonstrates the technique very well. In short, go higher in the highlights than you think you should, and treat the whole of the hair as one thing rather than getting distracted by the individual sculpted strands. You can see how the highlights went in as bands across the hair.

I also finished (I think) the lamp post, but forgot to get a picture. Tomorrow.

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