Thursday, May 16, 2013

She's wearing a what, now?!

So, I put the highlights on her hair. There was a lot of futzing with glazing, re-highlighting, then glazing some more to try to get reasonably smooth transitions while keeping a nice bright highlight. I may mess with it a bit more in a couple spots, where it looks like my highlights got a little overly broad. I still need to practice this, but I'm not unhappy with the results for a first go. Even though I suppose it's technically a third go...

As you can see, I've also started on her clothing. Not sure why I like using red on sci-fi chicks, but there it is.  The red boots are arguably a little silly, but then...she has a thong. And a codpiece. I'm serious. (I'm painting her as if those things are not actually there.) And one of my pet peeves - armor plates just kinda stuck on to those boots through no clear mechanism. (Glue? Velcro? Sure, why not.)

So, having practiced what I wanted to on her skin and hair, I'm going to try to just get the rest finished quickly.

I also did a little prep work for Azumi today - re-primered the areas where I had to trim off some mold lines and gunk. I'll be starting over on her by re-base coating the flesh and working from there.

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