Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I worked on stuff last night, but it was pretty much just prep. Not terribly good to photograph, and no pictures, no post. But I'll discuss the prep I did as I go.

First, after a long hiatus, back to Azumi. I'd previously started working on her skin, but went back when I found some more mold lines that needed to be cleaned up and saw that I was getting a pebbly texture on her skin. So, I did some clean up of the surface, re-primed a few spots where I trimmed off some flash, and then hit the skin areas with a coat of brush-on sealer to smooth the surface a bit. Last night I put on the base coat on the flesh, and the brush-on sealer on her dress and some of the other smooth areas.

Tonight, I shaded and highlighted the flesh. The surface is smoother than it was, but still a little rough in some spots. I'm going to go with it. I made the shadows a little darker this time around. There's not a lot to see with the highlights, but that's because not much of her skin is in the light. Between her pose and her outfit, most of what's there is in shadow.

Ordinarily I'd do her face details and hair next, but in this case I may wait on those. I may wait on the face because I haven't quite decided yet what color her clothing and such will be, and I want the mask to fit in with that, so I may do that once the rest has solidified. Her hair will be black, but since it falls over top of her bodice I may do the dress first.

And, I started the second in my Blood Vestal series. Just a base coat on the skin so far.The goal here is to try to put the feedback I got on the other vestal into play. For this one, I'll be focusing on putting more contrast into the flesh, and doing better with the hair.

With her, last night I found some flash and other casting issues that needed to be fixed. I cleaned that up as best I could (there are still some areas with flaws, but it's better than it was) and also gave her a coat of brush-on sealer to try to smooth out some pebbly primer texture that was apparent on the first one. It's not perfect, but it is smoother.

Her pose is a little weird in that from some angles she looks like she's standing up straight, but from others she looks like she's leaning.

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