Friday, May 17, 2013

Some shading before dinner

I made some progress on the VOID mini's clothing before I had to break for dinner and gaming. The shading looks a little abrupt on the boots, and I'm going to have to mess with the highlights on her pants some more. I  have two main tricks I use for deciding where to put highlights and shadows: put it under a lamp and see where they fall, and look at the mini top-down (thanks, Jess!) and whatever you can see should be highlighted, assuming your light source is meant to be overhead. On here, these two give me different placements. I made my best guess, but it looks a little off. I think I need to reduce the area of the highlight some; the way she's posed, her upper body shades most of her lower body.

I may try to smooth the shadow transitions on her boots some more, but most likely not - she's destined to be a table top quality piece, and for that it's fine. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to finish her.

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