Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Finished the little guy. Tomorrow I'll try to get a picture of him with a human to show scale.

I think this took me about 4 hours. It would have been a bit quicker, but I tried two different things with the brain before settling on this look. I tried brown shading (dull) and red shading (blended in with the fleshy bits too much), wasn't happy with either, then went with this green. I'm still not entirely sold on it. I kinda looks like he's got frosting on his head. Maybe I should have gone with purple.

 I'd have liked to be able to do the veins a bit thinner, but that just wasn't happening. I did it last, and was trying to kinda hurry so I could be done with the guy tonight. Maybe if I'd waited and done it tomorrow when I was fresher instead, I'd have done a better job.

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