Saturday, May 18, 2013

Almost done

Just got to finish the basing on the VOID girl. Well, and her eyepiece, which I realized I forgot when I was taking the pictures.

I used true metallics on the sword. I'll have to look again tomorrow to see if I'm happy with the shading and highlights there, but they looked pretty good under my lamp. One of the limitations with true metallics is the appearance is pretty dependent on the lighting, so what looks great under one light source and direction may look bad under different conditions.

For the base, I used some more of the Citadel texture paint. As you can see, I've stuck some additional 'rocks' in there for texture. Not sure how well the texture paint will do for holding them in place, so I'll see about that when everything dries. If the rocks pop off, I'll glue them back on.

You can also see that the paint from the base ended up on her boots. It's pretty annoying. I really need to do the base before putting the mini on it to avoid that, I think, which means for all the ones I have that are currently primed (most of which I put together last year) it will continue to be a problem.

Anyway, I should have her finished tomorrow, I hope.

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