Monday, May 27, 2013


So, usually I like having one or two minis I'm trying to do a real quality job on in progress as well as a couple that are smaller, meant for table top, or otherwise not so time consuming/focus requiring. I haven't had a little or lower quality guy for awhile, so today I started one.

Yes, that is a brain with tentacles and a ray gun. This little guy is one of the sidekicks from the Bombshell Babes range, which was just Kickstarted last fall. Bombshell Babes is the work of sculptor Patrick Kieth, and the web site can be found here:

I've got somewhere between 1 and 2 hours in on this guy, and I think he's about half done. I'm thinking I'll make the eyes red. The brain will be pretty much brain colored, though I'm thinking I'd like to put some green slime or something on there...except, with already having the red in there, not sure that'd be the best choice. We'll see. Maybe some other color slime. You can see I learned from the scorpions - you have to get to his base by maneuvering in around the tentacles, so I did it first. It'll need a bit of touch up, but nothing like the amount of touch up I'd have had to do on the tentacles if I'd tried to paint the base in under them.

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