Saturday, September 8, 2018

Mary: Bodice, Bandana, Part 3

Continued on with Mary's bandana and bodice today. I added highlights to both, and base coated the straps on the bodice.

The bandana is done. The bodice still needs work on the straps; they need highlights if not also shadows. I may not do much for shadows because they are already awfully dark. Also, I need to decide what to do on the scroll work on the bodice. At the moment I'm thinking about just ignoring it. From a distance, the pattern hardly shows. It will be difficult to follow because it's not that deeply sculpted in the first place, so I'm concerned about making a mess of it.

Also, I kinda just don't feel like doing it.

The color I used on the straps is a new one from ReaperCon called Black Indigo. It's another super dark purple, with a little more purple to it that Nightshade Purple. So far, I like it!

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