Sunday, September 16, 2018

17: Speed Paint!

Today I did my speed paint of the kneeling assassin. I gave myself 4 hours to complete the figure to the best level I could manage in those 4 hours.

Here's the starting point:

I had previously base coated the skin, but that was a small amount of work.

Here's where things were after the first hour (ish). At this point I'd finished the skin and moved on to base coating the cloak and tunic. I started out just working on the tunic, but found that I had to wait a long while today for the paint to dry, so I started base coating other areas while waiting for the first part to dry. After all, I had limited time.

And after the second hour. Here I'd finished the tunic and pants, and was ready to move on to the cloak. I'd started shading the cloak around the head.

After the third hour. The third hour was where I expected this to really slow down, because I was shading and highlighting the cloak. There was a lot of cloak with a lot of folds.

And, the final:

It actually took me a little less than 4 hours to complete. I could have spent the last half hour cleaning it up and refining it, but my non-painting responsibilities were starting to kick in, so I just called it good enough and stopped. What this does tell me is that next time I do this exercise, I need to pick a more complicated mini, set a shorter time limit, or both.

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