Sunday, September 23, 2018

Cowboy: Assembly Part 3, Marcus: Shading Skin

I worked on the cowboy's coat today. I decided I didn't have a lot of confidence in my ability to putty the gaps, pull the lower coat piece off, and keep it all in good shape. So, I've painted the areas that will be difficult to get to dark brown, and then glued the coat in place. I will putty it next time. Then the theory is that the hard to reach areas will be sufficiently in shadow, and I can paint in the rest. Depending on what colors I choose for the coat and pants I may have to worry about bringing the dark brown down farther so that there will be a consistent undercoat.

I also puttied the gap around the hat and the left arm. I used the Apoxie putty, which was actually a lot easier to work with than the green stuff.

I also continued shading Marcus's skin. I'm going with blue for the shadow color. I need to go back in and soften the transition with some of the first shadow color. I also have some spots to clean up with the base color. It is kind of a mess right now, but don't worry, it will get better.

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