Saturday, January 5, 2013

What's black and white and DONE!

Highlighted the metal and painted his base. He's not wonderful. He's, at best, OK. But he's done.

Two main reasons for the low quality,  I'd say. One, the black and white fur. Yes, it's kinda cute to make him a dairy cow (dairy bull?) but black and white are hard to make look right. If I'd just made him brown or something, I would not have made it so difficult for myself, would have been happier with it early on, and not gotten discouraged as quickly. Second, the mold lines and other flaws in the mini itself. I'm not sure how practical it would have been to try to make him smooth. You have to cut the flash off the Bones minis, and I'm not sure I could have done it without making gouges...which wouldn't have been an improvement. So, I live with the mold lines, which means it's going to look like a low quality job even if the paint it stellar.

But he's done, and he'll still get the desired effect when plunked down on the gaming table (if that were ever to happen).

And so, on to other things. Finished the flesh/face of the bar maid and put a base coat on her hair.

She's blonde, I will be using Reaper's Blonde Triad for the hair. I've used it before and had really good results. Her skin is RMS Fair Shadow, with RMS Fair Highlight for the highlights and RMS Tanned Skin for the shadow. I did the irises with a blue pen, and used a touch of RMS Antique Rose on her lips. I think Antique Rose has been discontinued, which is too's a lovely sort of mellow dark pinkish color.

And,  small earth elemental:

Not going to be much to that guy. He'll get a wash next time, probably a drybrush for highlight, and that'll be that. Could try to blend in highlights on each of those rocks,'d take an awfully long time. 

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