Monday, January 14, 2013

Should've gone with orange

NOTE: at the bottom of this post, there will be pictures of a mermaid. She is topless, but does have strategically placed hair. Still, if somewhat naked semi-woman are a problem for you, you may wish to skip this post, or at least stop reading early. There will from time to time be undressed or only slightly dressed minis in this blog. I will try to provide warning when that is the case.

Base coat on the bar man's clothes. In retrospect, I should have made his shirt orange. Enh. It's blue now.

Put some shading on the water elemental. The darker teal that's the shadow color for this triad wasn't really dark enough for my taste, so....purple shadows to the rescue! A couple drops of purple mixed into that shadow color, and problem solved.

I may decide to soften the shadows back up. Also, I have some decisions to make with her. I had been thinking of making the central, human-shaped part lighter than the rest. Well, it occurs to me that it might make more sense to make the outside part the lighter part - that's where the foam and spray would be, like the top of a wave. On the other hand, light colors tend to draw the eye, and I'd rather have the attention going to the central part of the figure.

And lastly, I am starting on a mermaid. Just the base skin color so far. She's tan, because apparently she spends all day sitting on rocks sunning herself. 

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