Sunday, January 20, 2013

Here's the part where I screw it all up.

More mermaid at the bottom. She's topless but has hair over her breasts.

Also, I started a Necromunda gang. I'm pretty sure this is one of the gangs that came with the box set. They're old plastic minis, and they're pretty bad. With these, I'm focusing on getting them painted 'good enough' quickly. I'm doing the arms as separate pieces and will glue them on after. For the pictures, I just stuck them to the tack. The arms will probably end up on different guys than they are stuck to.

They're going to be in black leather, I think. They just look like they need to be. I also plan to entertain myself by making their mowhawks all colors not found in nature.Why? Look at 'em. They're clearly some sort of mutant. 

And, the mermaid. I finished her hair, and put in a lot of work on the tail.

This is what I'm using for the model for her tail. I got him off Google. 

I haven't done anything with her fin yet; I'm debating between continuing the pattern, and doing the orange stripe as shown in the picture. Hmm. I think I might also need to lighten the red stripes a bit. I also did her with a blue base coat and red stripes, but in looking at the picture below, I see the fish is kind of the other way. Oh well...not going to go back and re-do that now. Also, I made a mistake - I failed to shade the tail before I put the stripes on it. So, I had to try to shade the blue without going over the stripes. This worked out better than I expected, but is not something I'm keen to do again. :p Anyway, I'm not sure I'm in love with the tail. I don't think it's awful, but...enh. 

I'm thinking of putting her on black rocks. She has a integral base that's all rocky. If I were a sunbathing mermaid, I'd do it in Hawaii...and Hawaii has black rocks.

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