Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bar maid, and another elelmental

Highlighted the bar maid's skirt, and base coated her vest/bodice thingy.

Like the bar matron, I kept the highlights fairly low key, as looking at where my work light hits here, there's not a lot of bright highlights. I actually added a bit more than I saw because it didn't quite look right without the extras.The triad I'm using for her skirt is RMS Forest Green, Grass Green, and Jade Green.

And, put some shadows on the bar man's skin. He's very craggy. From here on, I will call him Lance.The shadow color for his skin is RMS Dark Highlight. The base skin color is RMS Tanned Skin.

 Huh. He actually looks less shadowed in the picture than live, but I also see a couple spots that need to have shadows put in. 

And, a small air elemental:

His base coat is a very pale blue (Vallejo Game Color Glacier Blue). He'll get darker blue shadows (but not too dark!), and white highlights. I'm thinking I don't prefer the Vallejo Game Color line. Even when thinned, this wanted to go on kinda...sticky, and wanted to gum up in the recesses. Also, it has a slightly glossy surface characteristic that I don't much like, though I could probably fix that with some matte medium. 

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