Saturday, January 19, 2013


I worked on the mermaid today, so there will photos of a topless mini with strategically placed hair at the bottom of this post.

Finished the barman. I'm fairly please with him, though it looks like I've got a couple chips to fix on the bottom of the mug.And I definitely should have done his shirt in orange...but oh well.

Here are all the bar folk together.

And, the mermaid.I finished her skin and face, and put a base coat on the hair. The highlights on the skin took a while. I'm using the RMS Tanned Skin triad for her, and the highlight color was coming out a little cooler than I was happy with. I glazed it very lightly with the base skin color to warm it back up. I also haven't put eyebrows on her yet. Many people don't do eyebrows on this scale of mini. I usually do, but I'm trying this one without to see how it goes.

I'm going with a 'surfer girl' kind of look for her, so when I finish the hair I'm going to try taking the highlights up more than usual to see if I can get that sun bleached look.

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