Monday, January 7, 2013


2 being the number of minis I have finished so far this year!

Finished the little earth elemental.There's not much to him; he's a pretty simple little guy.

And some work on the bar maid. Finished her blouse, shaded the skirt. I used the shadow color that goes with the Reaper Master Series triad I'm using...I'll grab the names for tomorrow. The shadow color is very blue.It's growing on me. Ah...I see a couple spots that need to be blended better. I will have to come back to that tomorrow. At least on the skirt. The blouse looks pretty rough in the pictures, but not live. I'll take another look at that tomorrow.

Her vest thing is probably going to be brown. I haven't decided on the apron yet. I'd go with white like her blouse, except for the lace. The lace should be white. So, to make it show up, the apron needs to be another color. 

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