Saturday, March 4, 2017

Projects New & Old

I worked on wrapping up an in-progress project, and starting some new ones today. It's hard for me to keep more than 2 projects going at once, so chances are at least one of these new ones will fall by the wayside.

First, Ebonwrath's head for the diorama:

This is my least favorite of the heads. I'll take a second look at him tomorrow and if there are no changes I want to make, he'll go on his plaque.

Next, things I'm starting. This is Hellakin. He'll be a for-gaming Bones piece. Since the other pieces I'm starting are going to take some time to ramp up as I clean them up, prime them, determine basing, and so on, I'm hoping I can get him done or mostly done quickly while prepping the others.

This is Barbarian of Draco from Ares Mythologic. He's a 54mm piece. I'm doing him because I want to get some more practice in at the larger scale before getting to the figures for the diorama (which are also 54mm), and work on a male larger scale figure as well. He's cast very nicely. I didn't have a whole lot of clean up to do with him. A few mold lines. There was a rough spots that I needed to fill in as well, and one of the leather strips in the front needed some repair. Next I'll go over him with some sealer to smooth the remaining rough spots that I couldn't get with files or knives.

I have one other piece I started, but don't have pictures of. It's one that I primed before and have just pulled out of my 'primed figures' box to use as OSL practice. I just started setting up a base for it today, which will be quite simple. Pictures of that tomorrow, perhaps.

I need to OSL practice as I just agreed to teach it at ReaperCon this coming, I need to work on it, and work on being able to break down how I do it.

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