Saturday, March 18, 2017

Barbarian: Still Shading. Also, some swords.

I added in the next layer of shadows on the barbarian's skin today. I'd have liked to get farther, but I didn't. I'm pretty happy that I don't feel like I have to do a ton of smoothing, but I think I am going to bring some of the red lighter shadow back.

I spent some time working on the next steps for the diorama. I want a couple of swords to hang over Conan's head, so I started looking at options for those. I started making one out of plasticard; since the thing will be stuck to a wall it doesn't need to be perfectly 3-D. A flat back isn't a problem. I didn't really finish it, but ran into some issues. This plasticard has a grid on one side, which made a weak spot where the 'hilt' broke off. The guard would also need some more shaping. I'm pretty happy with how the shape of the blade came out.

I also found a couple of leftover Tyranid arms and am looking in to using those. The top one in the picture is as it was originally. The second one is after I removed the arm and the hand. I think it still needs some work to reshape the hilt and guard a bit to get rid of the organic look. That plastic was surprisingly soft and easy to work, though.

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