Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Hellakin, Barbarian, Jeannie

I shaded and did highlights on Hellakin's armor. It's studded, so last thing I'll go back and make the studs metallic. I also put a base coat on his cloak.

He's coming along pretty well, by which I mean 'quickly', because...

I pinned and glued Jeannie's other arm and spear on today. That was a delicate operation because the pieces are so thin, but for once I didn't screw it up. She's ready for paint.

I also glued the barbarian's sword arm on. Less of a delicate operation because it's so much larger. Still, I'm going to have to be more careful with him now. His sword is very, very thin, and so going to be extremely prone to bending and eventually breaking if I'm not very careful with it.

He needs pins in his feet next.

I also build up his base some more. That's probably how I'm going to leave it, at least for now. It needs to be primed next. I will probably wait for a warm day and hit it with spray primer.

If I get adventurous, I may carve out a channel on that left side and see if I can run a little stream through there.

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