Sunday, March 12, 2017


Yes, it's been a bit. I was without internet for  few days. I was still painting, though.

First, finished off Hellakin.

Also got some paint on Jeannie. I'm going with darker skin and hair on her to make my life easier with the OSL. In OSL, the light source should generally be the brightest thing on the figure. That's harder if you use light colors for the figure. Next for her is either going to be placing highlights and shadows from the flame, or base coating her boots and loincloth so I can place highlights from both light sources at once.

And, the barbarian. He's been primed and is starting to get a base coat. He's probably going to end up with a kilt-like thing so I can practice textured cloth again.

Last, I started on the 5th head for the diorama. This is least, his head. I'm going to go brighter with the highlights.

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