Friday, March 24, 2017

Barbarian: Skin, Hair

I got back to the barbarian today. I brought some red back into the shadows and put highlights on his skin. I wasn't happy with the highlights initially. They seemed a little too stark, a little too pale. I also wasn't sure I was thrilled with the skin tone for him overall. So, I went back and glazed over everything with Bronzed Skin. That knocked down the highlights a bit and gave everything a less pink tint.

After I glazed the skin, I was still trying to decide if I was happy with the skin or not. It looks more contrasty in person that in the pictures, but I still wasn't sure about the tone. I decided to fill in the face details and his hair to help me decide. This is when I noticed his face was cast a little funky, so I think I have some work to do there. He also has surprisingly tiny eyes for a 54mm figure.

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