Saturday, June 1, 2013

More Azumi

I meant to work on the vestal's hair today as well, but the time didn't work out. Tomorrow.

I did get a fair bit done on Azumi, though. Finished her face, finished part of her headdress, base coated her armor and the rest of the headdress.Also made the highlights on the purple a little lighter, as this morning they didn't stand out as much as they had last night. Oh, and found some more flash on her arms that I needed to trim off. So, I did that, but need to re-shade and highlight those portions. And smooth one a bit more, it looks like.

I've still got detail work to do and some freehand, but she's pretty far along now. Far enough that it's time to start thinking about her base. I've got a resin flagstone base I'm going to put her on. It will also need to be painted. Here's the stone I'm using as my inspiration for the base. It's got that purple and blue/green, along with the white veins. So, the same, but more muted, colors as on her.

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