Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Djinn progress

Worked on his skin. I hesitate to call it finished, but it's pretty close. I might do a little smoothing and touch-up, but that's it.

I'll finish his hair (well, eyebrows and goatee), and then I have some color choices to make. He's got a belt, turban, and vest. I'll probably make the belt and turban the same color, if not all three. Then there's the smoke cloud he's forming out of...I'm kinda thinking some kind of dark bluish or purplish gray for that. For the belt, vest, and turban, I'm thinking maybe red/blue, red/purple, or red/orange. Blue or purple on the vest would let me tie that color in with the blue or purple in the smoke. And, he's already got purple in the shadows of his flesh tone.

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