Saturday, June 22, 2013


Finished the critter. He is the Eye Slug, a sidekick by Bombshell Minis. I brightened up the red and put in the eye, which has been covered with a bit of gloss sealer. I'm pretty happy with him.

Also started some new stuff. First, the djinn that I'd started in preparation for ReaperCon and never worked on. I'll see about getting him finished up and off the table...he's been sitting there this whole time with that vaguely disapproving stare...

I've shaded his skin with first RMS Dark Shadow, then Dark Sahdow + RMS Nightshade Purple.

And, some lizardmen. I did a bunch of lizardmen a year or two ago that were swamp dwellers. These are jungle dwellers, so I plan on giving them bright colors. I have a whole tribe's worth of them, so I will be doing lizardmen for a while.

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