Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bases and Basecoating

Half-naked vestal below.

Finished the base I'll be using for Azumi. Meant to look marble-ish with veins of different colored stone going through it. I think I need to work on this.

Started practicing the freehand pattern for Azumi. I have two patterns I'm considering. One is meant to be bamboo, the other chrysanthemum. What I'm looking for here is if I can get the pattern to look decent, and then if I can still get it to look decent at a very small scale. The bamboo is at the top, and the mums are at the bottom. I kinda think the bamboo scales better, but I'll look at it again tomorrow and see what I think then.

Lastly, base coated the vestal's armor. I think her trumpet thing should also be gold, but I haven't settled on that yet. Raging Heroes, the company that makes the vestals, has just started a Kickstarter for a number of new minis.

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