Monday, September 7, 2020

Druanti: Hair, Helmet, Weapon

 Still bummed about Adri's jacket, so I went back to the Dryad today. I actually looked up his name and remembered it, and it's 'Druanti', so I'll use that from now on. When I remember. 

Anyway, I'm finishing up everything on the main part of the figure so I can glue the next bit on. Today that meant working on his hair, helmet, and spear. The official color scheme has his helmet in basically the same color as his body. I didn't want to do that. I was debating what I could use that would go with the rest, and I went with purple.

I'm really happy with the helmet, less so with the blade. I'd originally wanted to keep it all light colored, to try to keep the sort of ghostly, ephemeral look the studio model has. I don't think I got that, but since I like what I did get, I'm not too unhappy about it.

Next will be highlights on the leg, and then switching to priming and painting the parts of the next piece to get attached that I won't be able to do once it is attached.

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