Monday, September 21, 2020

Druanti: Base, Wings

 I spent most of tonight working on the base. I went through my leaf and flower basing bits, picked out ones with colors I wanted to use and shapes I liked, and then just kinda piled stuff on however I felt looked good. I'm reasonably happy with the results, but there are a couple issues. One is that the CA glue I used to attach the stuff dries shiny. I'll have to decide what to do to dull that down. Also, it's generally best to paint basing bits, just as you do the figure. Otherwise the basing stuff will also lack contrast. However, there's so much different stuff on there I'm not sure how to do that reasonably. 

I did get a little work in on the wings, but not much. I just got the final yellow base on the wing tips, and went back over some of the other areas that didn't have a solid enough base coat. Still need to do all the transitions, and to decide that I'm going to do about the veining

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