Wednesday, March 6, 2019


Noxious is done! I'd been hoping to get 2 figures a month done this year, and he's a little late, but so be it. (To be fair, I have done a couple commission pieces, which puts me above 2/month).

My next project is another commission, so don't expect to see much for a few days.


  1. Hello. I love your art. I noticed that you do commissions. Do you have a pricing list somewhere? I am looking to get the entire Batman Gotham City Chronicles painted.
    I would like to get a quote.

    1. Hi there! Thanks for your interest in my work. Unfortunately, the amount of commission work I do is very small, on the order of maybe 6 or 8 figures in a year. I don't really paint entire armies or box sets. Sorry!

  2. "Done" felt like it happened pretty quick! I really liked seeing the shading come together on this one - a couple of techniques I'm going to try to work in myself (good flesh tones are my bane).

    Bring on commission pics!!!!!